Your Cravings are one Click Away!

Published on: 13/04/2021

With the advent of technology, everything is at the tip of our fingers and through the power of the Internet. But we need to be cautious not to put our health at risk despite the ease that we enjoy.

People's lives drastically changed due to technology. And even now that we are already in the 21st century, life is going at an ever rapid pace.

Technology has entered every corner of our lives and moved beyond the constraints of space and time. Almost everything now is within the realms of the Internet. Certainly, our world has become a global village wherein everything and everyone seems to be just at the tip of our fingers — a mere click away on our laptops, computers, and mobile phones.

Yes, it has all the advantages in making our lives much easier and faster, but it always has its consequences that most of us do not pay attention to.

Let's tackle buying and ordering food online which is also a trend nowadays. Here are some points to consider as to how we can make better choices when purchasing food online. 

Why do people order food online?

  • Saves time (significantly lesser time to order which also means less hassle than falling in line, or waiting for your food to be served on your table while inside a restaurant or café)
  • Convenient payment options 
  • Gets delivered right to your doorstep
  • Appealing and appetizing selection of food

The downside of ordering food online

Though it may present several benefits, ordering food online also has some concerns you may want to keep in mind the next time you are placing an order:

Additional expense 

Most often, we get attracted by the mouth-watering and sumptuous-looking photos and videos of the different foods we find while we are browsing thru Facebook or Instagram. We also become more invested once we hear of a discount or promotion. However, it probably costs us more than the food which we can cook at home even with the promotional offers. 

Food safety  concerns 

Food safety is the most important issue for food delivery because of the additional risks in transporting the meals. First and foremost, it is essential to maintain the correct temperature of the food being delivered. There are many types of food that easily spoil when the proper temperature is not maintained.

Even if you are using a third-party delivery service, you would need to be aware of how your delivery orders will be held in the store until they are picked up by a driver. 

Here are some important questions you need to have in mind: How is your food being transported? Does the restaurant have the proper equipment for transporting food? Is the food on the passenger seat of your deliverer's car? Are there appropriate delivery bags or boxes used? If there's a third-party delivery service, what types of delivery accessories do they require their drivers to have?

Deliverymen put themselves in danger 

While we may enjoy the convenience these food deliveries may offer, it is also but right to think of the persons doing this service for us. There are times that they may have to brave severe traffic jams and extreme weather conditions (whether it is a heatwave boiling down the city or it is raining heavily) just to deliver our food at the right time, place, and in good quality as possible. 

The choice is still  yours

There are many factors that contribute to our decision of ordering food online. The primary consideration may be because it's convenient. Nonetheless, to support a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and for our family, we have to look closer at the restaurants we choose to order from.  

For starters, find those that have excellent food safety records and a concern for their employees' welfare. Because ultimately, a little care ahead of time can save a whole lot of headaches and tummy aches later.