Yoga For Everyone

Published on: 25/03/2020

Whether you are young or old, overweight or Olympic-level fit, yoga has the power to calm your mind and strengthen your body. Don’t be intimidated by yoga jargon, fancy studios, and complicated-looking poses. Yoga is for everyone.

Whether you're a brand-new or a longtime yogi, your practice may look pretty different from the classic poses if you have significant physical limitations. Fortunately, the fundamental principles of yoga are more essential than the forms. And those principles are the same for everyone, whether a person is a professional athlete or in a wheelchair. Yoga is infinitely malleable and can be adapted to benefit everyone.

Yoga connects you to yourself.

Yoga is a lot like a sanctuary and a time to tune in to one’s own inner being The more you get to know yourself as you practice, the easier it is to be your authentic self in the world. It is a non-competitive, lifelong journey.

Yoga is non-competitive and adaptable.

The last thing that would describe yoga is one size fits all. You can absolutely adapt it to your own body. There is a basic outline and alignment for each pose, but more than getting it perfectly, it’s about listening to your own body and moving from within.

Yoga is something you can do for the rest of your life.

Yoga is a low impact workout that loosens the joints and massages the muscles. You can practice yoga throughout your entire life and use it as a tool for staying young and agile.

 Yoga is great for gaining flexibility.

Letting go of tension, relaxing and lengthening out the body feels so incredibly amazing. Yoga absolutely limbers us up and enables us to tap into our own flexibility. When you start practicing yoga, it’s all about stretching your own limitations. You will find that proper breathing technique helps you go deeper into each pose and you open up more and more every day. It does take some time, but you will see the progress the more you practice.

Yoga relieves stress.

Yoga is a true stress reliever that benefits everyone from all walks of life. When we slow down and take deep, full breaths, we allow our bodies to alleviate anxiety and tension because we effectively relax our parasympathetic nervous system. In yoga, we learn to pay attention to our breath, and our breath is the easiest way to change our mindset and emotional state. Once you discover how potent connecting with the breath can be, you will be thrilled you decided to do yoga.

Yoga is empowering.

Yoga is all about being powerful and kind. It helps you tune in to your own instincts and lead from your heart and gut. The more you learn to depend on your own self and realize the power of your breath and potential, the stronger and more confident you feel. You will learn to listen to your inner voice and trust in yourself.

Yoga is for everyone. The point of yoga is to reconnect you to the deepest parts of you; to rediscover who you are, and then carry that out into the world. It is awesome physical exercise, and yes, it’s going to help you lose weight, become stronger, and feel great. But yoga also helps you find peace and stillness. It will help you remember who you are, why you’re here, and what you want out of life. And if you can bring that peace and confidence from your practice into the rest of your life, then your life is going to change in amazing ways.