World Blood Donor Day | Donate Blood, Save Lives

Published on: 16/06/2022

Make a difference and save lives by donating blood. Be a hero in your own way.

The World Health Organization and countries worldwide celebrate World Blood Donor Day every June 14th. The yearly celebration of said event is celebrated to give thanks to individuals who willingly donate blood, saving lives.

Blood Donation in the Philippines

In the Philippines, voluntary blood donation campaigns are initiated by concerned government agencies in compliance with Republic Act 7719, otherwise known as the National Blood Services Act of 1994. Other non-government humanitarian organizations (NGOs) like the Philippine Red Cross initiate blood-letting programs in order to collect and store blood, which will be readily available to be shipped to hospitals whenever needed.

Donating Blood in the Time of COVID-19 

The Department of Health (DOH) and the Philippine Red Cross strengthened their call for voluntary blood donation even during the pandemic due to the scarcity of blood in the supply of blood banks.

This shortage of donated blood is due to the cancellation of bloodletting events following the prohibition of mass gatherings, as well as fear of donors getting infected with the COVID-19 virus.

In order to continue the sustainability of this life-saving resource and to encourage regular donors to not be afraid, despite the pandemic, the DOH and other concerned agencies should take extra precautions when conducting bloodletting events. Minimum health standards must be applied and followed to ensure the safety of every participant.

Why Donate Blood? 

Donating blood is a simple, yet noble act of giving a part of yourself to save the life of another. Blood is a life-saving resource in times of emergencies for patients with serious medical conditions like leukemia and bleeding disorders. Donated blood is also used to sustain the lives of those undergoing major surgeries, especially when complications arise. This can be psychologically fulfilling to donors as it gives a sense of pride to selflessly give themselves for the benefit of another, saving lives in the process.

Aside from being a lifeline to patients, donating blood has health benefits for donors themselves. Some of these health benefits include: reduced harmful iron stores, reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes, and reduced risk of having cancer.

Where and when is bloodletting held? 

Answer the call of “Dugoyanihan” by the DOH together with the National Voluntary Blood Services Program and the Philippine Red Cross. The call for volunteers is not only for regular blood donors but also for COVID-19 survivors to donate their blood for COVID-19 patients.

Willing volunteers may go to any blood bank, like the Philippine Blood Center or blood service facilities like DOH hospitals, Philippine Red Cross, local government units, and NGOs.

For further queries, the DOH hotline is open for health-related questions and information on how to donate blood. The emergency hotline numbers are 02-894-26843 and 1555.

A small act with a big difference, blood donation allows you to give a small part of your life—your blood and your time—for someone to extend theirs. Through this act of grace, you let yourself become an unsung hero who contributes to the daily war our healthcare system wages against death and disease.