What can cause the price of your medical plan to go up?

Published on: 18/11/2022

Pacific Cross is committed to providing value for money medical plans to help you protect your health and financial well-being. Due to several factors, we are sometimes constrained to increase prices or premiums to ensure that we are able to consistently deliver quality services to our clients.


As people grow older, we can expect that they will need more medical attention and will do so more frequently. Our pricing accounts for changes that come with age, and you will notice premiums become more expensive as you move age brackets.


Premiums may increase due to certain illnesses identified as we assess your medical history. Health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol issues can cause considerable increases in premium and limitations in coverage. Additional premium may also be needed to cover chronic or potentially recurring illnesses, or to cover high-risk conditions that would otherwise not be covered.


Changing certain aspects of your plan may cause your premiums to go up. Opting for a higher limit, adding more benefits, or including new family members can make your plan more expensive.


Our pricing considers several factors such as the cost of goods, services, medical treatment and company claims. The cost of medical services has been increasing steeply over the last years and current medical inflation is estimated to be running at 14.4%*. When the expenses related to these factors go up, we often have no choice but to increase our premiums.

*PHL Healthcare benefit costs


Q1:  Why are my premiums going up even though I have not filed a claim?
A1:  The premium at the beginning of the insurance is calculated according to the selected scope of coverage and the age of the newly insured person (and possible illnesses that may already exist at this time). Thereafter, the “principle of solidarity” which forms the basis of insurance against the risk of illness applies to all insured persons within a certain price group. While we reserve the right to impose additional premium (“loadings”) for conditions that develop during the course of coverage, those loadings are limited and will not necessarily compensate for the increased risk. In insurance, an individual’s state of health affects the premiums of other insured persons. Anyone who falls ill more often will be supported by the premium contributions of other insured persons in good health. The burden in the event of illness is shared among all those insured, so that even in the case of the most serious illness, no one will be left without financial support.

Q2:  What can I do to mitigate the effect of a premium increase?
A2:  We will always offer you the option to maintain or even reduce your premium by changing your plan. One of the easiest ways to lower your premium is to opt for a deductible or co-payment (Our Renewal Team will be happy to discuss these options further with you.). While this means that your cost at the time of claim will be higher, it will help manage the cost of premium, especially when we are constrained to increase our rates.

For concerns or clarifications about your Renewal Premiums, feel free to get in touch with your Renewal Officer. E-mail renewal@pacificcross.com.ph or contact +63 2 8230-8533.