Understanding Liver Cancer And Viral Hepatitis

Published on: 29/01/2022

This Liver Cancer and Viral Hepatitis Awareness and Prevention Month, we can participate in celebrating by spreading awareness on how we can prevent them.

January is Liver Cancer and Viral Hepatitis Awareness and Prevention Month—that's why it's important to encourage people to take steps to protect themselves from having liver cancer and acquiring hepatitis during this time. Preventing illness is usually preferable to treating an existing condition—including liver cancer and viral hepatitis. This prevention month, it's important to spread awareness through spreading facts from reliable sources. 

What is liver cancer? 

Liver cancer begins when cells mutate into abnormal forms called tumors. Primary liver cancers start when cancerous cells form inside the liver. Liver cancer tends to occur when the liver has been injured for some reason (such as birth defect, alcohol abuse, or infection). In fact, over 50% of patients who develop primary liver cancer already suffer from cirrhosis—a scarred condition of the liver often caused by excessive drinking. These diseases can lead to serious health issues including death if not treated properly. Primary liver cancers include various types of cancer caused by different factors. 

Can I prevent liver cancer? 

Like any other disease, there are a lot of ways to avoid having liver cancer. Some tips include:

  • Avoid cancer-causing chemicals: This includes pesticides or substances with cancer-causing substances such as Aflatoxins, Arsenic, Benzene, etc. 
  • Reduce alcohol and cigarette smoking: Since most liver cancer patients suffer from liver cirrhosis, preventing liver cancer means avoidance of alcohol and tobacco. 
  • Treat Liver cancer-causing diseases: If you inherit an inherited disease, you may be at increased risk for developing liver cancer. Early detection and treatment for these conditions may help prevent you from developing into full-blown disease later in life.
  • Be vaccinated against hepatitis B: Since hepatitis B is linked to liver cancer, it's better to prevent it by being vaccinated and limiting alcohol consumption. 


What is viral hepatitis?

Inflammation of the liver occurs when there is damage to the cells within the organ. When toxins, certain drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, bacterial infections, or viruses cause liver damage, hepatitis develops. Usually caused by an infection (virus), hepatitis may cause inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis C can be prevented by avoiding risky behaviors, including unsafe sex, drug abuse, tattoos, piercings, etc.


How to prevent viral hepatitis? 

By following these tips, you can help protect yourself from developing viral hepatitis. It includes:

  • Avoiding unprotected sexual activity, needle use, tattooing, piercing, and acupuncture increases your chances of not becoming infected with viral hepatitis. 
  • You should also avoid sharing drug injection equipment that isn't safe if you use illegal substances. 
  • Don't use infected person's personal items. Practice good personal hygiene all the time.

To add, it's you must not forget basic health protocols such as washing your hands before eating and being careful if you're engaging in risky behaviors. 

Remember, preventing any type of disease doesn't just include certain tips—it's all about having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. That's why it's important to take note of the things we should do to avert acquiring these diseases. Make sure to have a regular check-up, exercise, and eat healthily, not just this prevention month—but every day.