Tips for a Healthy Yet Delicious Christmas Meal

Published on: 18/11/2022

Enjoy your holiday meal with these tips to stay healthy while indulging in tasty food during the Christmas season.

December is the month of eating and drinking a lot. As the holiday season approaches, it's no surprise that we feel excited about the most wonderful time of the year: the Christmas season! We also have these get-togethers with family, relatives, and friends before and after the dinner we're looking forward to. The parties also last up to January as we wait for the new year. Thus, it makes us forget to keep an eye on our diet, especially if we are trying to live healthily. 

Furthermore, eating healthy food during this festive time can be challenging. Worry not, as we help you with ideas on how to stay healthy but still eat a delicious and guilt-free Christmas meal. 

1. Eat something before going to a party.

Going to a party hungry is a big mistake. Being in this situation will make you put more food on your plate and consume it in one sitting. As a result, you'll be overeating. To avoid this, eat something healthy before leaving your house. Have a healthy sandwich or grab some fruit. Doing this makes you maintain your normal hunger.

2. Control your food intake by having small portions.

Usually, you may want to taste everything, especially your favorites, at the Christmas dinner table. However, getting too much of it is not suitable for your health. What you can do is limit your food portions. Consequently, you can avoid feeling full easily, and you can still have enough space to try out other dishes. It's a win-win for you!

3. Opt for lean protein.

Eating healthy food does not mean you should totally cut out meat. Get your source of good protein from lean meat such as pork loin or roast turkey. Furthermore, avoid or try to limit processed meats like ham, as it is high in sodium, fat, and additives that are bad for your health. 

4. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

This tip may be cliche, but it does wonders. You can never go wrong by eating foods filled with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Take control of your plate by eating more fruits and vegetables rather than hefty portions of meat and pastry dishes, which have high fat and sodium contents. What's another benefit for you? fewer calories, too!

5. Make your own food from scratch.

We know it's a bit time consuming to make your own food during the holiday season, but preparing your food assures that you only use healthy and fresh ingredients. Supermarkets mostly sell foods that are highly processed and contain preservatives. Therefore, homemade food is still the healthiest option. Another good thing is that you can impress your host by bringing a homemade dish that is not only delicious but also healthy.

6. Chew your food slowly.

Avoid consuming everything on your plate in one sitting. Take time to chew your food in small portions. You can even mingle and talk to others over fun conversations as you savor your food.

7. Go for a walk after eating.

Parties usually make you sit for a long time, especially while eating. To burn those consumed calories, walk a little from time to time.

Being healthy during the Christmas season may take a lot of discipline and sacrifice, but it is definitely worth it.