The Amazing Benefits of Lychees

Published on: 23/12/2020

It may have a short shelf life, but this juicy summer treat has more than just taste to offer.

Typically eaten fresh but sometimes used in ice creams or processed into sherbet, juice, and jelly, lychees are grown in tropical and subtropical regions and are popular all over the world. This flavorful and juicy fruit grows in clusters on a slow-growing medium-sized tree. 

The lychee tree bears its fruit for a limited time only and is known for its pretty spring flowers. The fruit has a round or oval shape with a pinkish-brown rind, translucent white flesh, and an inedible seed. It may have a short shelf life, but this juicy summer fruit has more than just a delicious taste to offer. Lychee is very rich in nutrients — it provides a wide array of benefits for your skin, hair, and health that make it all the more irresistible.

The lychee is a fruit similar to rambutan and longan and is from the soapberry family. They are especially popular in native China, as well as most of Southeast Asia. Their inedible, pink-red, leathery skin should be removed before consumption.

Benefits of Lychee fruit 

There are numerous beauty and health benefits of the lychee fruit, and among these are: 

  • Prevents Signs of Aging

Lychees are simply amazing for our skin. Whether you are suffering from wrinkles or dry skin, these exotic fruits have a solution for it.

Keep in mind that as you grow older, your body produces more and more free radicals. These free radicals damage your skin and start to show the first signs of aging. Lychees, when used topically, can help delay their appearance. This is due to the fact that lychees are rich in antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging your skin. 

  • Promote Hair Growth

A host of factors can wreak havoc on our hair, but our hair grows when the hair follicles are properly nourished. 

Since lychee is an excellent source of copper, it can help stimulate the hair follicles and make our hair grow. This is because copper peptides enlarge the hair follicles, which in turn drastically reduces the resting phase of hair growth. So apart from being a blessing for your skin, lychees can help promote hair growth when used topically.

  • Have An Anti-Cancer Effect

One of the most significant health benefits of lychee is its anticancer effects. Research shows they contain powerful antioxidants and flavonoids, which are especially effective against breast cancer cells. Therefore, eating the fruit on a daily basis in any form can actually help prevent the occurrence of this fatal disease.

  • Protection From Herpes Virus

This delightful fruit has proanthocyanidins that carry very potent antiviral properties. These are very helpful in fighting against rare and troublesome viruses like herpes or coxsackie.

  • Act Against Influenza

Influenza is caused by viruses and is a highly communicable disease. Due to some strains of these viruses showing resistance to traditional antiviral drugs, there is a need to constantly develop new medications. 

It is a good thing then, that lychee fruit extracts have shown to be effective against these viruses. Lychees exhibit antiviral properties due to the presence of oligonol that stops the virus from multiplying.

Possible side effects of Lychees

While lychee offers numerous health benefits, eating too many of these can pose some problems. Lychee is known to disturb the hormonal balance in the body, so make sure to consume it in moderation as it can cause internal bleeding, fever, or seizures. Pregnant women should also avoid eating lychees until they are in the breastfeeding stage as they can cause hemorrhage and infections which could harm the baby. Lastly, lychees might also cause allergic reactions in some people.

If you are trying the fruit for the first time, avoid consuming too many lychees all at once.