The 5 Best Exercises During Your Period

Published on: 22/10/2020

Sweat out and reduce the pain during your "red days" with these exercises.

Many women wonder whether they can or cannot exercise during their period. The answer: yes! However, the best way to determine it also depends on your body. If menstrual cramps and bloating are hindering you from moving comfortably, it's okay to miss a groovy sweat session. 

On the other hand, OB-GYN John Thoppil, suggested that the best exercise during your period is the one which you desire. Additionally, he stressed the significance of varying your workouts during the week and this is a good time to reduce the intensity of your exercise.

Hence, here are the activities you can do. 

1. Light Cardio

If you're doing a cardio activity, you may want to lower its intensity. Besides, it's one of the easiest exercises you can do such as walking, dancing, and aerobic exercise.  Moreover, it is good for increasing your blood flow and relieving your discomfort or menstrual pain.

Furthermore, there's research supporting that lungs work better during your cycle in the later period, so it's worth considering maintaining this kind of workout as your period ends.

Plus, it's the perfect choice whenever you feel like your period is a bit too heavy. Get up from the bed, ready your shoes, and take the scenic route by having a stroll around your place. If you're up for a challenging activity, brisk walking is better. Although walking is not an intense workout, it's already an excellent choice to get those calories burning.

2. Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and pilates are great to do during the second or third day of your period. These workouts can aid body relaxation through deep breathing and reduce breast tenderness, cramping, and muscular soreness and fatigue. Besides, many yoga poses help stretch your lower back and prevent cramping. 

According to a 2013 study, daily yoga practice (35 to 40 minutes a day, six times a week) decreased anger, anxiety, and depression and improved overall health in women during their menstrual cycle.

3. Stretching

Twist, forward bend, and many other stretching positions help move the digestive tract and help extend tense muscles during your period.

4. Strength Training

It's wise to include low-volume strength training as there's potential energy during this time. Furthermore, take advantage of your estrogen levels while they're at the lowest and it could make you feel powerful when lifting weights. Just avoid too heavyweights to prevent pressure on your body and avoid worsening your cramps.

5. Deep Breathing

Taking deep breaths helps alleviate menstrual cramp pain. You can do it whether as an activity, during meditation, or even performing yoga and pilates. This helps relax your whole body, including muscles in the uterus which contract menstruation to expel blood. Due to contraction causing painful cramping, breathing deeply is a good pain-reliever.

Thus, regular exercise is beneficial both for our bodies and minds. There's no compelling scientific evidence that you should avoid doing workouts during your period. Besides, many studies support that working out can be helpful during this time. 

Continue your regular workout routine, reduce the intensity, vary your activities, stop when you're feeling tired, recover when needed, and celebrate what you can do.