Sweets for Valentine's Day | Is Love Worth the Calories?

Published on: 14/02/2020

Valentine's day is here, and many people are torn between concern for their health and eating some love-filled chocolates. Today, we'll be showing you some alternatives you can do to be a little bit healthier on the day of love.

Chocolates and artificial candies are an ever-present yet delicious danger on Valentine's day, and many are torn between wanting to look their best for their beloved and eating tons of delicious, dopamine-giving sweets. Today, we'll be giving you some alternatives to the usual chocolates and cakes that you can give to your significant others. This way, you can show your love for them and for their health.


The first alternative to artificial sugary sweets is nature's very own sugary sweets - fruits!

Fruits are not only tasty, but they also contain a large variety of vitamins and minerals that can strengthen the body. Unlike vegetables, fruits offer a much more palatable taste when given fresh. Not to mention, the presentation of a fruit basket and all of its colorful inhabitants make for just as much of a romantic sight than the usual array of chocolates.


Nuts are also an alternative to the finger foods of Valentine's day. Not only are they rich in minerals and protein, but they also have monosaturated fats that are great for your heart. You don't have to serve them as is either, as their size makes them very easy to incorporate into a healthy romance platter alongside fruits!


No grapes are complete without an array of cheeses to choose from! Instead of a box of chocolates, provide a wonderful assortment of cheese with grapes and crackers for your beloved. Pair that with a fine bottle of wine, and you've got yourself a healthy and low-calorie way to celebrate the day of love.

Healthy Recipes

  • Homemade Chocolate Fruit - We never said that chocolate was banned from your arsenal of love this year! Instead of eating blocks of solid chocolate, why not make that chocolate a much lighter coating on the already delicious fruits? Simply coat your berries in the low-calorie chocolate mix you make, and voila, kisses with a twist! Homemade means you can control what goes into the chocolate instead of buying one which has additives.
  • Homemade Fruit/Nut Pastries - There are several recipes online that show how to make homemade cookies that don't have the calories equivalent to a fast-food cheeseburger. Again, the trick to a sweet treat that isn't gonna make you want to work out the next day is to make it at home. You have control of the portions, and how to bake them!
  • Yogurt - Using greek yogurt, you can make an alternative to the ice cream that you can enjoy guilt-free with your loved one. Since yogurt is a blank canvas, you can add any kind of fruits, nuts, or even small amounts of chocolate you like. It's way healthier for you than the store-bought stuff.


While keeping each other healthy should be a priority, don't let this article scare you away from ALL forms of sweets. As with all things, chocolates and other similar sweets aren't banned from your gift list. However, it's important to moderate the amount you give, or better yet, make your own sweets at home so that you know it's made with love. Your fitness is important, but your happiness takes precedence. Just replace that chocolate bar with a chocolate strawberry.