Stair Workout | A Great Cardio Routine

Published on: 09/10/2020

Stairs are a beneficial addition to your daily exercise routine and general lifestyle. Learn more about the exercises you can pull off with just a flight of stairs.

With modern technology making everyday things easier is slowly becoming the norm. This can be beneficial for those who are disabled, tired or old, but escalators and elevators have started to make some people a bit more lethargic. Keep in mind, stairs are actually one of the best exercise tools you can use! Using an elevator or escalator when stairs are available can be a waste of precious exercise opportunities. 

History of Stairs

The history of stairs is quite fascinating, and it is also important to understand its place in human history. The first stairs were probably hewn logs or rocks stacked into a climbable structure. This made it easier for people then to enter their huts and caves. Fast forward to modern-day times, the Niesen Railway in Switzerland now boasts a whopping 11,674 steps, with an altitude of 1,669m! 

What this tells us is that as mankind evolved its structures, so did the staircases within them. Many people believe escalators and elevators will make stairs obscure, but they are still an integral part of any building for safety purposes.

Benefits of Stairs

It's an interesting fact to note that the calories you burn from climbing a mere 400 steps are equivalent to 15 solid minutes of jogging. Many people have difficulty with jogging consistently for long periods of time. Climbing stairs are a fantastic alternative for those who don't have the time to do some jogging. Not only that, stairs are also a versatile structure to use for a variety of exercises.

Stair Laps

Try doing five to 10-minute laps jogging up and down a flight of stairs. The longer the flight of stairs, the better, so that your laps are more streamlined. Straighten your back and don't skip more than two steps at a time. Do not use recoil because it will actually decrease the number of calories you burn. Just pace yourself, keep a straight back, and it should work out just fine.

Stair Hops

Stand facing the stairs and bend your knees slightly. From there, do a hop and land in a slight squat before repeating the process on the next step. When doing single leg hops, be extremely careful and make sure you have proper balance.  Swing your arms to steady yourself as you land. The stairs should be wide enough for your feet to fit in when you land.

Using both legs for this exercise is better for beginners, but those who want a bit more of a challenge can use just one leg.

Stair Lunges

Stair lunges are basically the same as normal lunges. The difference lies in how intense the workouts get. Elevating your legs during the lunge activates your leg and glutes even more than usual. Step up your right foot at least two or three steps. Hold this for five seconds, then your left foot up to two steps up from where your right foot is. Essentially, you'll be climbing up the stairs with lunges. 

Declined Pushups and Dips

Upper body exercises are also good to balance out your workout. Using the stairs, you can simply do dips and pushups with your hands slightly elevated. For dips, face away from the stairs and place your hands a second step above you. Extend your legs straight and keep those feet flat. With your triceps, slowly lower your upper torso, then push yourself up. This is basically a variation of a push-up. Do three sets of five for these.

For pushups, stairs are actually helpful for those who have difficulty doing push-ups on a flat surface. The higher the step you choose to lay your hands on, the easier the pushup will be. Doing a push-up is easy on stairs, just follow the tips we give about push-ups from our article on push-ups and apply it to stairs.

Above all, any workout done at home can get you shredded fast as long as you are committed to your diet plan and cardio routine. Always remind yourself that an effective workout will give you positive energy and make you feel stronger every single day.