Mangiamo | A Taste of Italian Cuisine

Published on: 11/09/2020

Italian food is a global phenomenon, and you would be hard pressed to find anybody who hasn't eaten spaghetti even once in their life. Let's talk about the advantages of eating Italian cuisine, and how healthy and helpful it is to our lives.

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular culinary cuisines in the world for good reason. Once upon a time, Rome had conquered most of the known world. In their conquest of the new world, they were introduced to amazing new ingredients such as tomatoes and potatoes! While Rome has long fallen, their descendants in Italy continue to spread their influence through their iconic cuisine.

Anywhere in the world, you can find any food chain that offers either pasta dish or pizza that was inspired by Italian cuisine. 

Benefits of Italian Food

1. Emphasizes High Quality of Ingredients

Fresh and high quality ingredients are core to a good Italian dish. Most chefs believe using homegrown vegetables and farm-raised meat make Italian cuisine authentic and healthy as well. According to most chefs, the hardest part of cooking an Italian dish is finding the perfect ingredients. Cooking, meanwhile, is secondary to finding the correct ingredients

2. Simplicity

Italian food is universal for this very reason. It’s pretty easy to make pasta dishes, and most of their other dishes can be learned by an average person. Boil pasta noodles, chop ingredients, boil the sauce, mix, and voila, you’re done! Sometimes, all you need is a good roll of meat, some fresh fruits, and a slice of bread to call a dish Italian.

This is why good ingredients are core to a good Italian dish, because there’s nothing much you can do during the cooking phase to change the taste of the dish.

3. Perfect for large families or leftovers

Italian cuisine, unlike other cuisines with complicated cooking methods, are simple to make. Thus, it’s easy to adjust a recipe to accommodate the stomachs of many people, or yourself over the span of a week.

4. Rich in Fiber

You know what Italian food has plenty of? Grain and vegetables. These grains and vegetables help in easing digestion and lowering blood cholesterol.

5. Heart Friendly

Olive oil is the staple oil of Italian food. It’s rich, delicious, and most importantly, good for your heart. This is because it is rich in resident good fat, Omega-3 acid.

6. Longevity of Life

Italian food uses fresh ingredients that are packed full of health benefits. The presence of these ingredients in the diets of elderly people have confirmed lower chances of cancer, heart disease, and various other diseases that people face.