Let’s keep our kids safe and healthy this Child Health Day!

Published on: 24/10/2022

The world came together to celebrate Child Health Day last October 3, 2022. Integrate healthy habits for you and your family with these tips!

On the first Monday of every October, the world comes together to celebrate the health and wellness of our future generations—Child Health Day. To spread awareness and ensure that parents (and future parents) know how to keep their children healthy, here are some tips for both you and your kids.

Plan the next routine checkup for your child.

It’s important that we, as adults, go through regular checkups to make sure that we are in tip-top shape. This is even more true for kids, who are going through physical, emotional, and mental developmental stages. To make sure that your kids are well and free of illness, give your kids’ pediatrician a quick call to schedule a routine one-hour checkup. This shouldn’t take too much time and ensure that everyone is doing well.

Make sure your immunizations are updated.

Ever since the invention of the smallpox and polio vaccines, life-saving medical treatments have ensured that many are spared from life-threatening diseases. As kids don’t have fully developed immune systems, it’s important that their immunities are boosted through vaccines. Japanese encephalitis, tetanus, and even COVID-19 are all diseases easily prevented by a simple jab every few years. What’s more is that a lot of these vaccines will last for long periods of time, with some even lasting a lifetime! 

Plan regular dental examinations.

Don’t forget that bodily health also includes your pearly whites. Often neglected, dental care isn’t on the priority list of many people, including kids. However, this should be changed as the growing bone structure and replacement of baby teeth in kids should be overseen by a professional, as dental health can affect one’s appearance and the health of other organ systems. 

Regularly schedule new, healthy activities for your kids.

Get off the computer and TikTok once in a while to play some football, basketball, or even frisbee. Make sure that your kids start young by developing healthy exercise and play habits. While it is tempting to leave your child with a computer to play video games, even just spending a day every week going to your local park or sports center can help boost the cardiovascular health of you and your child. Two in one! What’s more, sports can be a fun and competitive way to build your child’s motor skills, social skills, and confidence.

Let your kids see you practicing healthy habits to set an example.

Everyone has had parents tell them to do one thing, while they themselves do the opposite. Let’s break that habit by practicing what we preach to our children. Ensuring that adequate healthy habits are integrated into your family’s lifestyle is important for both you and your kids. Do this by learning how to be healthy together as a family. This can also serve as a bonding activity for you and your kids!

Examine the toys your child has. Are they damaged or suitable for their age?

Toys, while fun, can create unfortunate situations if not monitored properly. Keep this in mind as you make your next Christmas gift purchase. Choking hazards are especially dangerous because, in the worst case, they could kill a child. Kids can and will swallow random things, so don’t give them the opportunity to do so by inspecting all of your kids’ toys. 

Keep yourself and your family healthy! This can be beneficial for you and your loved ones, so what are you waiting for? Try the tips above to develop healthy and sustainable habits for your kids.