Keeping yourself comfy as we approach the "brrr" months

Published on: 21/08/2022

The "ber" months are aptly named, because "brrrr" is most likely what you'll be saying during it. In this article, we'll show you a few tips and tricks to keep warm in this season of cold winds and even colder showers.

The "ber" months may enter this year with cold fronts and even colder showers. While some countries have the fortune of warm days, most of you will likely be hiding under the blankets this season. A healthy body and mind are essential for enjoying Christmas, and being cold hinders that. Not to worry, we'll share some tips on keeping warm this Christmas season.

1. Layers

There are many layers to keep warm, and the first layer is, well, layers! If you expect to be cold, don't just wear a jacket and call it a day. If you're in an office, wear an undershirt under your polo, and then wear a jacket. Long sleeves are a definite must to keep warmth balanced throughout the body. Make sure to have thick socks as well to keep the feet warm. If the cold is unbearable still, that's when you bring out the scarves and mitts. Wearing a sleeveless shirt under a sleeved shirt is wonderful for keeping warm on cold days, even without a jacket.

2. Material of Cloth

It's not enough to just wear layers. The proper material is essential for "trapping" that precious warm air in those layers. Prioritize fleece, wool, and synthetic fabrics. Cotton, on the other hand, is best avoided when possible. Cotton tends to stay wet when it gets even a little amount of liquid on it, offering very little warmth. Silk is so thin that it'll probably make you feel even colder than if you hadn't worn anything.

3. Keep Circulated

You might be tempted to keep on piling on layers to fight the cold, but stop that thought in its tracks. If moving starts to become difficult, that means you're wearing something extremely restrictive or severely limiting your mobility thanks to too many layers. Cutting off your circulation is a surefire way to get cold faster. Blood is what keeps the body moving and, most importantly, warm. When blood is unable to reach certain areas of the body, those parts of the body will start to get colder. Make sure that warmth does not come at the cost of immobility.

4. Keep active

There are very few things that can't be fought off by simply moving, and that includes the cold. Moving around distracts the mind from being cold and circulates blood around the body even more. If you are in an office setting, try taking a short 1-minute break from sitting at your desk every 15 minutes to reactivate your body.

5. Refrain from Alcohol

That warmth you get from drinking alcohol is only superficial. When you drink, your blood rises to the skin's surface, giving you the illusion of warmth. However, your core temperature is much lower because all the blood has disappeared. While merriment is well and good, remember that alcohol is not as effective as drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

6. Hot Drinks

The traditional way to beat the cold has always been with a mug or thermos of hot liquid, be it tea, coffee, or chocolate. While a room-temperature drink will provide about the same amount of nutrition, the heat of the drink is what makes our minds believe we are getting warmer. Professor Ron Ecles of Cardiff University discovered that hot drinks bring out the umami of a drink and make the drink feel warmer.