Get your stretch in: Stretching boosts your health!

Published on: 18/11/2022

On your desk all day? Relieve some tension and build good physical habits with stretching!

Stretching is champions' breakfast in the world of exercise. Before you do anything in your workout routine, a good set of stretches is needed so you can be in tip-top shape for the day. However, some people seem to think that stretching isn’t necessary. Well, today we’ll be talking about why stretching is not only beneficial, but also necessary for a healthy body.

Stretching the right way is one of the many ways we can get our bodies to work at their best. Here are some of the benefits that you can reap if you stretch before and after a workout session:

1. Relieves Stress and Tension

Stretching can help ease the tension in your muscles before a workout. When you wake up, your body is stiff from being immobile for a long period of time. To combat this, you should do some dynamic stretches to pump up your muscles and loosen up all that tension. That’s not just for your muscles, but also for your mind, too.

Stretching after a workout also helps your body cool down from exercise. Going to rest immediately would fatigue you faster, so it’s better to slowly ease into rest mode with some light stretching.

2. Fixes Your Posture

Your posture is the most apparent result of your stretching. A good stretch can loosen up your back and ease your muscles, making it easier to have a straight posture. This is especially true if you are working at a desk job where slouching in your chair is the norm.

If your back is stiff and you don't exercise it, it's hard to keep good posture, but a good stretch can help not only your back but also your limbs. No more hanging loosely at the side or setting all your weight on one foot. Stretching solves the problem for you.

3. Helps Your Circulation

When your body is less tense and your mind is less stressed, blood flows much better in and around your body. This leads to a healthy heart and mind, which both need proper circulation to function. 

Not only that, but the improved circulation you get from stretching can also ease your breathing, making your workouts feel less tiring. Breathing and stretching can help you get through even the most intense workouts.

4. Makes You Flexible

The body can only grow stiff if it is left unused. Stretching can help you stay limber and flexible at any age. Your range of motion also gets better, meaning more workouts become accessible to you. The added flexibility also makes the act of stretching even more beneficial, as being more flexible means you can stretch even further.

Flexibility also makes other workouts go by faster because you won’t be struggling as much as you normally would.

5. Improves Your Overall Physical Performance

Stretching, when combined with the benefits listed above, makes almost any physical activity easier to perform. Your breathing is easier, your muscles are not tense, your heart is healthy, and your mind is clear. Stretch before any workout, and the benefits will start to speak for themselves. There's a reason why athletes always limber up before playing, and that's why they are at their maximum performance.

The benefits of stretching cannot be overstated enough. It won’t take too much out of your workout time, and it’ll make the rest of your routine feel more fun and doable.