Bouldering | Wall Crawling For Health

Published on: 11/12/2020

Rock climbing is one of the most exciting and beneficial sports you can pursue, and it's not as intimidating as it looks! Let us understand the benefits of bouldering.

Elevators and escalators are all but commonplace in the fast-paced modern world. Today's world is always in a hurry, and so, even the act of climbing some stairs can be considered wasted time. 

However, as difficult as that is to believe, there was also a time when a simple staircase was as high tech as today's elevator. Imagine a time when even a man-made staircase didn't even exist. How on earth did people get to places then? The answer is simple: climbing. 

This activity has then evolved from being a necessary task, into a sport. Rock climbing has even taken on many forms, and bouldering is one of them. 

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is rock climbing in its simplest form. While beginners will still have to wear a harness with some rope, most veteran rock climbers will only rely on a huge safety mat below to protect their fall. 

However, bouldering is not about randomly climbing small rock formations or artificial rock walls. It involves a sequence of steps that you must follow in short bursts of strength and speed. It requires a good sense of balance, core strength, and clarity of mind. It may seem like a simple sport but it takes a lot of practice to execute properly.

The sport is typically not performed at extreme heights (so it is not a hazard), but it is also not done in low elevations that it loses all excitement. A large safety mat, or sometimes a net below, ensures that you can focus yourself on climbing and nothing else.

Basics of Bouldering

Climbing rocks may sound basic, but the essentials are important for a sport like this. The proper apparel (a well-fit shirt and shorts), bouldering shoes (which are specially designed for rock climbing), and chalk (for making your hands dry to prevent sweat) are your must-haves.  

Remember that bouldering requires focus and determination. If you have any doubts about your next step, make sure not to dwell on it for too long. Keep on moving, and if you fall, at least you learned what not to do for next time!

Benefits of Bouldering

Bouldering has a host of benefits, and that is primarily due to its classification as a full-body workout. It can even be considered an alternative to calisthenics and classical weight training. 

1. Strength Training

Bouldering puts a lot of effort into the major muscle groups, specifically your arms, legs, and core. The constant strain of holding up your body weight will definitely lead to some improved muscle development.

2. Boosts your concentration

An underrated feature of rock climbing is that you must to concentrate on the exercise at hand. It is all about planning your next move and ensuring you make the correct decision, along with moving your body into the correct positioning, which makes it a much more stimulating mode in comparison to traditional weight training. 

3. Mental Focus

Rock climbing, unlike weight lifting and cardio, requires a constant focus due to its nature. While most veterans can probably do it without a second thought, beginners might take some time to overcome some fears and develop their mental focus and determination.

4. Stamina and Endurance

Bouldering is an active exercise. Even when you are "resting", you are still technically hanging on to a small rock, which means a lot of strength is dedicated to making sure you do not fall down. Your grip strength will improve significantly, which means you can do longer bouldering sessions.

5. Pathfinding

Lastly, bouldering is a thinking man's game. It's all about making smart decisions in an instant. The good thing is, training your mind to find the best possible path can eventually translate into real-life problem-solving skills.

Without a doubt, bouldering is extremely fun and challenging when you do it with your friends and colleagues. Try to make it as a break from your daily grind, and for sure, it will be an awesome weekend.