6 Fun Exercises for the Millennial Family

Published on: 27/01/2020

Here are some fun exercises and activities that can help your modern family get up from the couch and burn some calories.

Despite the busy schedules and the daily grind, millennials today are more health-conscious than ever. The lifestyle of being more active has become popular as well. Moreover, they also know that exercising doesn't always need to be more formal. There are many ways to incorporate getting fit even in simple activities and everyday routine while spending quality time together. Take note of the following exercises and prepare the family for the next fun "workout".

1. Dancing while doing household chores

Who said cleaning is too dull and tiring? Encourage your family to have fun while doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, or decluttering old stuff. Furthermore, you can even play happy songs where everyone can sing and dance. Cleaning the house does not only help you clear the mess, but also burn some calories. Plus, it's entertaining and keeps the family in a good mood!

2. Walking or jogging around a nearby park

Spending time outside is an effective way not only to destress but also make you sweat. Enjoy the luscious greenery around you and inhale some fresh air while walking and having quality time together. Plus, you can bring your little furry pet with you. If they are up for a more strenuous activity, jogging is better. Getting outside shouldn't be so hard for the family. Take some time to do this during weekends.

3. Strolling around the mall

It's widespread for millennials to go to shopping malls. Just like walking around the park, invite the family to stroll for some more time, especially after eating out in a restaurant to help burn some calories. Take advantage of walking for a longer time when you're doing the grocery, checking out shops, or looking for a gift.

4. Doing yoga at home

Another simple activity is doing yoga at home. Buy some yoga mats for each family member and take time to learn this relaxing activity that is beneficial not only for the body but also for the mind. Besides, yoga helps improve a person's overall mental clarity and awareness. This activity can be your best bet whenever all of you are exhausted to go outside.

5. Swimming

Traveling is a current trend nowadays. Additionally, it's healthy to take vacations and discover new places outside. Plan a trip with your family and have fun swimming in the waters, whether it's in a beautiful pool or a refreshing beach - without actually feeling like you're working out!

6. Playing sports and outdoor games

Most of us become couch potatoes on weekends, whether checking out our social media or binge-watching a series. Now, what about playing outside? Basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, frisbee, you name it! Most sports are fun to do and promote families to bond together. Whatever activity your family wants to play, doing any sports activity is genuinely healthy and fun. What's more, it creates an atmosphere to build and strengthen cooperation, camaraderie, trust, and support. Dare your family members to a friendly competition, and cherish the great outdoors like it's the good old days.

Remember, whatever activity you choose, the most important thing is you get to catch up again with your family and maintain a healthy lifestyle in this digital and fast-paced era.