3 Simple Wrist Exercises You Must Try

Published on: 11/01/2021

Wrist mobility is key to stay active and avoid wrist pain or injuries.

With the new normal ushering us to do more tasks online, we are now more turned towards our keyboards, cellphones, and other gadgets. In doing so, we may be putting added strain on our wrists with the added screen time. 

In most cases, we may be conscious of its effect on our eyes. We notice how the eyes can feel tired or dry, but we tend to forget that the wrists, hands, and arms are also taking the brunt of the excess work. 

This is also true even if you are engaged in other activities, like sports for example. Playing basketball or tennis can be taxing on the wrists, in a similar way gardening can be. 

It is your wrist’s ability to flex, extend, and move the hands in or out. If you are not doing regular wrist movements, then you will not have much mobility in this body part. 

The Importance of Wrist Mobility

Without wrist mobility, even the performance of simple everyday tasks can be a challenge. Opening jars, holding your coffee cup, folding clothes, or driving your car can be difficult, and sometimes even painful. 

Keep in mind that the wrist is a complex joint, made up of several bones connected to ligaments, tissues, nerves, and muscles. Wrist problems, therefore, affect the area of transition between your forearm and your hand, which is noticeable through your grip strength. 

3 Wrist Exercises You Should Try

It has been said that an ounce of prevention takes more value than a pound of cure. So before you experience any serious wrist issues, it is best to give your wrists some proper attention. Here are 3 simple exercises you can do anytime:

Wrist Rotations

Stretching your arm in front of you, point the fingers down with your palms facing away from you. Using your other hand, gently pull the raised hand toward yourself. Hold for up to five seconds. Do the same thing with the fingers pointed towards the ceiling. Repeat this for both hands up to three times. 

The Raised Fist

With your arm beside your head, open your hands wide. Make a fist, keeping the thumb covered by the other fingers. Try to fold from the wrist as you slide the fingers towards the wrist. Feel the stretch and repeat as needed. 

The Thumb Pull

Grabbing your thumb with the fingers from your other hand, gently pull the thumb backward. This stretch can be held for up to 25 seconds, and then repeat with your other thumb. 

These simple wrist exercises will allow your muscles to stretch and strengthen. For added resistance, you can also explore the use of tools like stress balls or hand grippers. Whether you are at work or play, make sure that you take breaks after engaging your hands and wrists in heavy activity. If you are experiencing chronic wrist pain or numbness, it is best to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

The wrists may only be a small part of our body but with its indispensable functions in our everyday life, they deserve proper care and attention.